Tuesday, January 24, 2012

As Seen From My Camera #5: For The Love Of Chinese Food

mom's thinking what's missing on our order list haha! :)

Whenever we go out as a family, aside from I look forward to dressing-up and have my outfit photos taken before we stroll around the mall, I always look forward too, on what restaurant we will try for that day. I seldom take photos of food, because 1. I am excited to eat and 2. I only remember to take photos when the plates are almost empty haha! (useless right?!) haha! I guess we can be food bloggers (family edition?) haha if only I did take photos of the restaurant we've visited and the food we've already tried (ooh this gives me an idea to start a little food segment on my blog, with of course, my family haha!) 

Aside from our love of French, Italian, American dishes, next to our love of Pinoy cuisine is the wide array of yummy Chinese specialties. Who wouldn't love their noodles and dimsum right? We are such a big fan of those two, especially Marise! It is either we go to Superbowl or David's Tea House for authentic Chinese meals, and these two restaurants never fail us.

I guess eating together as a family is such an enjoying thing to do right? Not only you get to eat delicious meals but also you get to share different happy thoughts and  at least update each other with the latest happenings in your lives right? I shall start this restaurant hopping with my family next week, and I promise to document the whole eating session haha! :)

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  1. yeah same with me too! i tend to forget to take photos of my foodtrips haha ;D


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