Monday, January 23, 2012

Rebel Yet Good

That's how I describe this look. Isn't ironic? haha! Anyway, I just love how this delicate nude lace skirt has looked toned-down when I paired it with my collar-less black button-down shirt. I just love how comfy this look is. I miss this skirt a lot it has been hanging inside my closet for months since I last wore it. I guess it helps a lot that you at least dig under your closet once in while, for sure you'll find lots of pretty finds that you almost forgotten! 

Oh and let me share you something, I dyed my hair light auburn yesterday, but the color didn't show as much as I expected. I guess it's because one box of hair dye isn't enough for my long hair haha! My dad told me the effect is just right, and he told me not to color my hair anymore, baka raw maging buhok mais ang buhok ko haha! But I want to color more my hair, anyways he's not reading my blog naman, saka promise I won't make my hair look like buhok ng mais haha!

black button-down- thrifted
lace skirt- gifted by hubby
heels- bought from Ava
necklace- Simone's Closet
ring- random brand


  1. Ahhh the skirt! I like skirts like that.. yung may billow effect ba? Basta :))lovely outfit!

    Almira :)

  2. I love your heels :)

    Hope to meet you in person. I am such an avid fan

    <3 iam

  3. OMG! your heels are looking great dear. I love your pretty cool necklace too. just perfect job!


  4. I like this outfit! Contrasting sa theme pero they go well together! :D

  5. I like the combination of this outfit. The shoes are worth dying for. The skirt is very very very cute. and the necklace; I'll go gaga if I own that, madly want it.

    such a perfect oufit

  6. I love your shoes! Really gives your outfit that added "oomph!"

  7. Nice look! What a love skirt, you look so pretty Denise!



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