Wednesday, December 21, 2011

PHOTO DIARY: The 10A Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair

 This is the second time I joined a bazaar, last year I was at the Brown Bag Market bazaar, and this year I spent a day at the 10A Alabama Arts & Crafts Fair. I must say that was a very successful bazaar, not just sales-wise but also I had this feeling of satisfaction and I felt I belong in this group of people, who values the idea of recycled art and handmade crafts. Since I was in my early years, I love everything about handmade, I love papermache', painting, and most of all, inventing any crafts out of recycled materials.

I have never kept any remembrance, except for the stuffs I gave to my hubby that are all handmade! From cards, to letters, to customized boxes, to quilts, and beaded bracelets. Whenever I see my hubby's treasure box filled with my handmade stuffs, I feel so surreal that he has kept them since day one that we met. I too have that box filled with his simple notes and letters. I am glad I joined this bazaar, because I was able to showcase my newest venture, my handmade cloth accessories! 

I guess I am more inspired now to make more handmade crafts, I shall start after Christmas! :)

How about you do you love handmade crafts too? Do you make one too?


  1. Lovely! If I may ask, what's that store with the postcards/photos on the table? :)


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