Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yellow + Black

This is the dress I almost forgotten to wear, and when I finally saw it underneath my closet, I felt like we reunited haha! I last worn this dress for a year ago, and I truly miss it! This time, I paired it with black accessories, making a perfect color imitation of a bee! haha!

PS: That is my newest wedges I got from So Fab! It is just so comfy though I trip sometimes with it! haha! 

yellow dress- thrifted
belt- random brand
wedges- So Fab
necklace- random brand
bangles-random brand


  1. love this look! so cute :) i used to have wedges like that but i sold them, now i regret! :P

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  2. @fashioneggplant! thank you! the wedges are so comfy! :)

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  6. OMG im wearing the same shoes now it's in nude though :D
    Syempre ang labo pala ng litrato ko XD

    About the comment I remember talking to you about some stuff about that too, don't mind it. Just be positive and accept it as a constructive criticism. Good vibes good vibes from singapura <3 <3

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    PS: Oo nga we have the same wedges. haha! So Fab din? :)

  8. Such a beautiful dress. It goes so well with your wedges! :)

  9. Love your dress! :) By the way, I have the same clogs like yours, cool!


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