Friday, November 11, 2011


To all those who saw yesterday's post and the unending conversations between me and the said ANONYMOUS, I seldom speak and react to rude comments but that one made me really mad. Not because I am not used to getting criticisms, or I do not know how to accept mistakes, it is because the comment sounded like, that "ANONYMOUS" knows everything. She even enumerated all the kinds of tenses, simply stressing that I don't even know them. It seems like she wanted to say "go back in elementary and high school and study English again!" I mean I be a writer by profession but that doesn't mean I can no longer commit wrong grammar. And one thing more, my blog is not paid for, no one pays me to write or blog something. I started blogging simply because, I wanted to have a diary wherein I can spill anything and everything that happens in my life, and my OOTDS. I have to say that I started blogging with a lot of wrong grammars in my posts. I always go back to my old posts once or twice a month. I did not edit them simply because I wanted all my readers to see how I was before. Kahit naman sino sa atin have mistakes in their english. NOBODY IS PERFECT. I am not an author of a book to be that perfect. Aminin naman naten, kahit anong bagay sa  mundo, hindi madali, everything takes time. So kahit sabihin pa ni ANONYMOUS na I should go back and study all the kinds of TENSES, for sure kahit sya mahihirapan.

I got messages in my mail, or in facebook saying how happy they are with my blog, how I inspire them with my OOTDS and with my posts. And I also got messages from people saying the flaws in my blog, and I am happy because they  simply do not want to criticize, but also they wanted to help me out (which is I didn't see from ANONYMOUS' comment). Honestly speaking, I am sensitive, but I know how to separate it to be able to understand better the issues. But this time, I tried to stay positive upon reading the comment, pero no matter how I wanna say to myself to just keep quiet, I can't. I just don't like the way the comment sounded. And who are you to judge someone else's personal blog? If you really wanted to help, be careful in constructing your criticisms. Kasi kahit pa sabihin na critcisims should be accepted wholeheartedly, masasaktan at masasaktan pa din ang taong pagasasabihan mo non, simply because we are humans and we tend to be be emotional talaga. To the ANONYMOUS, try to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Not all the time, you can just throw criticisms and say all you wanted is to help.

And ANONYMOUS, whoever you are, if you have the guts to post that rude comment of yours, why don't you have the guts to leave your name too?

To close this issue, I just wanted to clear that with my entire 23 years of existence, I got a lot and have been getting a lot of criticisms, both from my work, from my friends, from my family, and I just have to say, those criticisms made me who I am right now. So to ANONYMOUS, even though, how rude your comment is, honestly speaking, I accept your criticisms whole-heartedly. I just can't take the way it sounded.

I posted this just to clarify the issue. I do not need any BVs now, I am so busy with work and with all the blessings God has showered to me. I just wanted to explain my side and that's all, I hope ANONYMOUS everything is clear with you. Good luck with your life and God bless to you!


  1. Bless this post! :-) Don't mind him/her/them nalang po Ms.Denise. Basta ikaw, you are blessed and happy with your life :) and i'm still your reader :)

  2. grammar Nazi, yabang nila kala nila kung sino silang magaling, No body is perfect. Kung hindi lang din sila nakakatulong at naggugulo lang with their negativity, e wag nalang silang magcomment.

  3. I feel you Denise! Just remember, people throw rocks at things that shine.

    Anonymous is just a hater - a person who's SO jealous of your happy life and your lovely blog that he/she had to go find something wrong in it.

    You're right about the personal blog thing. This blog is yours and no one else has the right to tell you what to do with it. This is your own little space in the world wide web where you can completely be yourself - and inspire other people while doing it. Your regular readers do not come here because they think you're a perfect human being who would make a great English teacher. We keep coming back because you inspire us A LOT.

    It's just too sad that there are tons of green-eyed creatures like Anonymous who simply do not get that simple thing: this is YOUR blog. And whoever stumbles upon this blog should know that it's nobody else's business but YOURS. If we like it, we'll save it on our bookmarks and come back again. If we don't, we'd get the hell outta here. It's that simple. But look who didn't get it? I guess Anonymous is not THAT smart after all.

    So Anonymous person, who cares about your flawless grammar when you can't even be brave enough to tell Denise who you really are? You can keep leaving rude comments to every blog you see but don't forget that at the end of the day, you'll always be just another COWARD HATER to all of us.

    God Bless Denise! You know what happens to people like that! Stay happy and pretty! ^___^

  4. I love you for being what you are. Kung gusto nila ng perfect grammar, eh di mag basa sila ng blog ng ibang tao, why they have to waste their time just to criticize you? simply because you're very blessed. Dont mind them. Karma will haunt her/his back basta kame mega support lang sayo.

    <3 Maria

  5. Oh just don't mind people like those. Usually they're insecure about themselves. I'm wondering why people like that would take all the time to check out your blog. :P

    Just keep spreading GOod Vibes! :)

    BTW, I'm such a noob, but what's OOTDS? Haha sorry. :P

  6. I like your attitude, Denise!! I also responded in my latest post to some anonymous users. You know, when criticizing the others, you actually show your own frustrations and lack of self-confidence. And you're right, it's your blog, you make, you put all you want in it. Good luck with your future posts, and keep trusting yourself! kisses:***

  7. TO: littlemisspoleng, rah, dominique,maria regina, lei, and andrea... THANK YOU BIG TIME for the warm comments. I really am touched reading all your sweet messages. i didn't expect your continuous support. I really love you all, my dear blog readers! :)

  8. There is always a better way of saying things. Kaya before we speak we must think twice para hindi makasakit ng tao. Don't mind the haters. Just do what you love doing! we will always be here to support you and continue reading your blog. More power! <3

  9. agree po ako sa lahat ng ng comment sayo ms. dennise inggit lang po yan..kahit nga ako wrong grammar din sa un ang alam ko and un ung way natin para ma xpress ung mga gusto nting sabihn sa blog..utsuserang bakla un hehe..

    andito lang po kmi para syo..ur loving readers!more power po sa blog nyo!!you inspired us po!we love you po!!!


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