Friday, November 11, 2011

Goin' Casual

Hi girls! I am back to regular blogging! I miss the times when all I post is my OOTD or my outfit of the day. After the rude comment and the hater issue, I still thank God for the people who are very true to me. I thank my blog readers for the support and virtual hugs, for the warm and positive comments, for the simple messages that cheered me up. I thank you all! 

I just read all the comments in the previous posts, and I will reply to them in a bit. In these times where I am so busy and stressed ( take note tomorrow is a big day for me, my first-ever fashion show!) all I need is support and good vibes. And I am so thankful to all the readers and blogger friends who always cheer me up! I love you all!

Anyway, bear with me if you find some wrong grammars in my posts, just like I said I am not perfect and I am no English professor nor grammar nazi of sort haha! I am just being me! It is either you love me or hate me. :)

OKAY! Let us go back with the outfit, this is what I wore when we went to Star City last Tuesday for some family bonding. I chose to wear something comfy hence the loose top and the shorts. I will be blogging about our Star City getaway on the coming days!

For now, I got to go, need to prepare a lot of things for the fashion show tomorrow! I wish you could drop by! I will be posting the final poster in a while! :)

loose top- thrifted
hat- SM
bangles- random
bag-from Australia


  1. I adore your shirt! :) I especially like the red bow on the girl!

  2. You're one superchic mom! Love the look! :P

  3. The shirt! :)

    Gem of

  4. love the sandals and bag! so comfy attire.

  5. I really love the whole outfit, sorry sis if I wasn't able to get your necklaces. Promise! I 'll make it up to you, I hope it won't end our communication and it won't be the reason that you'll hate me. You used to be my fashion inspiration. Sorry sis. I hope you still give me a chance, I've been buying to your shop before naman po. Pls continue inspiring newbies in fashion like me. And next time try to make posts about more dressing up styles. please. Hehe. Thank you! More powers to you, and Good luck to your 1st fashion show, I know it will be a hit!


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