Friday, November 25, 2011

Suddenly I see

Got the chance to take outdoor photos last week, and thank God for the golden sunshine! Here are the photos hubby took that day on a random wall we passed-by somewhere, ahahaha forgot the street name. Sorry for the plenty of photos, I am just happy to have a handful.

Hope you'll love them!

rainbow ring and tiny letter "D" mat ring, both from TOXIC CANDY CLAY SHOP! I so love them to bits! You should try getting their rings too!

I hope you didn't get tired looking through the photos! haha!  I just miss times like this when Mr. Sun is just out in the sky shining brightly while you pose for the camera haha! These days had been so gloomy and dim, which makes taking photos a bit challenging; but nonetheless, I just love the fact that the man behind the lens captures you at your most beautiful regardless of the weather! :)

floral top- online find
denim skirt- thrifted
flats- B Club


  1. ganduh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the outfit babe!

  2. I really love that top of yours! You look lovely! :)

  3. Your hubby's so good in taking your photos! Nice outfit, sis! :)


  4. You look lovely! Love the combination of floral top and maxi skirt! :)


  5. Love your outfit and great photos too.

    <3 Maria


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