Thursday, November 24, 2011

At The Fashion Rev Manila Bazaar

These are the photos I have last Saturday when I went with my family to the FASHION REV MANILA BAZAAR. Like I told you on my other post, I met Dominique but I call her Nikki haha and I find her really down-to-earth and walang arte sa katawan. I just admire people who are just themselves and that what makes me feel comfortable with them even just  we met for the first time. I love her to bits because we almost have the same interest and I love the fact that she's not into heels too just like me and she commutes, ride on a jeepney even if she is wearing a fasyon outfit! Oh di ba?! 

After chatting with her, we parted ways but I am sure we will meet again even though there are no events. Just a simple bonding or ukay hopping I guess :) 

I did a little shopping there at the bazaar. Clothes for hubby and Marise and for myself. I am partly done with my Christmas shopping list, a few more to go and I am done! Oh well, my wallet, credit card, and atm cards are always in use whenever Christmas is here haha! Oh my! :)

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  1. Super cute marise...very fasyon like you.. So pretty!! =)

  2. love the new design of your blog Ms. Denise :)

  3. Aww!!! :> Marise looks so cute with the strawberry hat!!! Adorable!!!

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