Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Timeless Pieces Always Got Stories To Tell

Hi girls, I know most of your are prepping-up for today's list of events and parties tonight. I will not be able to attend FREEWAY and MULTIPLY event, but I am wishing all the best for my blog sisters Arnie, Brie, and Yshy. Enjoy girls!

Today let me share to you, the last part of my Posh Nails day. The whole time I was there I was stunned with the pretty antique pieces inside, and asked Ms. Malou where did they get it. I was so amazed to know that all the pieces were from Ms. Mirasol's antique shop!

here are the photos of the big antique pieces  I saw inside Posh Nails' massage room...

then after taking photos of the room, we went to the antique shop of Ms. Mirasol, the owner of Posh Nails to see MORE antiques! Yay I love wood and anything made of it. Here are the pieces that caught my eyes:
lamp again, i think this one's called the "gasera" am I right? hehe
antique ceramic wares
wooden figures and some glass lamps
pretty stained-glass lamps

Thanks again to Ms. Malou for touring me inside and for the lots of chika we had. Of course special thanks to Ms. Mirasol, whom I didn't meet but, still big thanks to you ma'am! :)

If you want to get pretty antique pieces, you may visit
#36 Lites Bldg. Unit 101 B Ground Floor, Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, QC

*the store is just beside POSH NAILS Commonwealth! So right after your posh hand and foot session, you might as well drop by Antique Kutingting and look for interesting pieces you may get for your house! :)


  1. ang ganda denise! and the posh nails experience was just great! :)

  2. hello miss denise, i've forwarded an award for your blog :)

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)


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