Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Delighting You Always

This is what I wore last night to the Canon Pixma event held at SM North Annex. I was supposed to attend all the events yesterday but mom wasn't around til 3pm and I have work to finish on the night that's my I haven't  gone to Freeway and Multiply party. But still, thank God I was there at the Canon event and bonded with my date last night, Andie! (she's my kumare, alam mo yan Andie haha)

Since I commuted yesterday (rode a fx) no taxi muna haha because Quezon Avenue is really heavy traffic until the construction is nearly done. Speaking of being stuck in traffic for like 1 hour. 

I wanted to look comfy and stylish, that is my peg most of the time. hehe. I am more confident if I know I am comfy with what I am wearing. 

I will blog on a  separate post about the event last night! :)

colorful top- thrifted
black maxi skirt- thrifted
sandals- So Fab
bangles- random brand
bag-Suy Bags


  1. hey Denise, you changed your layout! i love the plain background it looks really neat!
    and cute top you're wearing here too!


  2. yes I've changed the layout a bit. thanks for dropping by my blog Carla! :)


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