Thursday, October 20, 2011

Canon Pixma Printers

Went to the launching of Canon Pixma Printers last Tuesday at SM North Annex. And I must say after the event, I want to get one printer for myself. Why? Later I'll tell you.

For now let me share with you the photos I took that day...

special registration lane for bloggers, love it!:)
my date for the night... Andie!
with the lovely host which I didn't get the name
then to break the ice betweeen the speakers and presentations, they had a game called TRIVIA GAME, blogger friends, Nicole, Kaye and Krissy joined the fun!
yummy food!
enjoying our food with Chai, Andie, and Jen
miss this girl so much. Love your heels Melai! :) 
with Jen. I enjoyed the night with you and Andie :)
Ate Marise who invited me to the event. She now works for Nuff Nang
Andie looking sexy as always
my buddies for the night, Jen, Andie and Chai
saw Myrted in the event too! :)

The girls and I decided to roam around and see the photo exhibits of the country's known photographers. Of course, na-amaze ako! Hehe! But the works that struck me the most are the photos of Mr. Jun Miranda. I just can feel like I am right exactly in his photos. Very surreal.

and these are two of my favorites from Mr. Jun Miranda's photos...
then it's time to meet and greet the 5 series (if I am not mistaken) of the Canon Pixma Printer
According to Canon, the Pixma printer is the newest type of AIO (All-in-one) printers that has the capacity to print and imprint pictures with its array of features.

Their tagline says: "The new PIXMA printers series: Allowing you to not just print, but IMPRINT." 
catchy right? You wouldn't believe how affordable each model is!:)

Each printers from the series of the PIXMA printers has their own specifications, but generally these are the amazing features of CANON PIXMA:

- Wi-fi Cloud Printing Capabilities
-Freedom To Create with five Fun Filter Effects (you can even print photos from full HD Movie)
-Premium Print Capabilities ( these printers uses special Canon dye ink and Canon genuine photo paper that makes a photo lasts for 300 years, AMAAAAZING!)
-A Greener Future (eco-friendly settings equipped in each printer)
- Caring For The Environment (each printers are designed to have minimal impact on the environment

To know more about CANON PIXMA visit:

after lurking around and get amazed with the printers, it's time to socialize and have pictures with blogger friends...
Andie and Nicole
with Nicole. love your pink pumps!

Aisa, looking so stylish as always :)

went home happy and Canon gave us a loot bag!

Now, I will be a good girl always, who knows Santa is watching and he might give me one Canon Pixma Printer! And if ever I got one, I will print all the photos of my family's happy memories, they are worth to last forever! 



  1. Your first name is Ariane? Mine's Arianna! Haha! HIGH FIVE for having almost the same first name and not using it. :p

  2. wow, looks fun :) wish i could go to these events also :)

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

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