Monday, October 17, 2011

Pampered At Posh Nails

So after seeing the whole place. I shall share with you my experience on that day. I was given the BASIC REFRESH Package with which mint is the main ingredient on the scrub they put on my hands, arms and feet. 
 reading magazines while waiting for the staffs who will do the service
first off, they gave me foot spa, then hand and foot scrub, then finally they added a minty cream over my hands, arms and legs, that is so cool to the felling, it even made me sleepy a bit haha!
then they rinsed the mint cream and let my arms and feet dry
Now ready for the mani-pedi! 
chose yellow for my hands and purple for my feet! I love the colors, so pretty! :) I forgot to take a photo of my purple feet nails haha!
food from Ms. Malou, the branch manager. I didn't expect it, I was really shy when she brought packed lunch for me, thank you so much Ms. Malou! Plus you made the entire session very light and happy because of our chikahans! We've shared a lot of stories, and I must say, Ms. Malou is very friendly, cool, and nice! I really like her! :) I will be back for sure Ms. Malou! :)

OVERALL, I am satisfied, and happy with the entire 3 hours I stayed their. The mani-pedi didn't hurt me, but rather made me feel relaxed afterwards. Tanggal ang stress ko! haha! It helped too that the staffs are very accommodating, and Ms. Malou was there to chika with me! :) Di ko namalayan ang oras. hehe

I've learned too that hey have kiddie mani-pedi and party packages! Too late I have known this, since Marise already celebrated her birthday 2 months ago, but still I am thinking to have a kikay day with Marise and mom soon! :)

If you want to check Posh Nails Commonwealth branch, with the most friendly branch manager and staffs, go to Lites Bldg. Holy Spirit Drive Brgy. Holy Spirit Quezon City! 
You may call 990-0706 or 0947-5024700/09177326323


  1. Their interior is so girly, I love it! I'm really picky when it comes to nail salons cos I'm scared about getting hurt with the mani/pedi. Minsan kasi they 'clean' too hard so I'm worried na baka magkasugat! But from the looks of this and how you just described your experience, parang I wanna try! :) I love yellow nails heehee. Had them once before! Is that matte? Super addicted to matte nail polish right now! :)

    ♥♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY
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  2. Cutie! :) I'll wait for the poshnails sesh with your little girl and your mom :))

  3. my office is just a minute away. cute ambiance. will sure try some pampering service. thanks for sharing.

  4. Their place is so girly! <3 I love it. I loooove your yellow nails as well :)


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