Monday, October 17, 2011

POSH NAILS Commonwealth Branch

I would like to thank Melai and the rest of the Bloggers United Team for giving me a one day pampering session at Posh Nails Commonwealth branch. I was so happy when I reached the place. Not because of the spa, mani-pedi experience I will be experiencing, but also the girl and pretty theme of the whole place!

And because I want you all my dear readers, to see the beauty of POSH NAILS Commonwealth , here are the photos:
pretty facade! I love the antique furnitures that the owner used to balance the girly-ness of the whole place
pretty nail art designs
lovin the pink and purple combination of the interiors! Don't you just love the pillows?!
cutesy side table with pretty pink booties as flower pot
pretty antique chandeliers and light bulbs! These made the lighting inside more attractive
this is the center couch you'll see when your enter the place, so pretty right? 

 Special thanks to Ms. Malou for letting me take photos inside, and kudos to Ms. Mirasol and the whole creative team for the pretty interiors of the POSH NAILS COMMONWEALTH branch!
It's definitely girly! 

Visit Posh Nails Commonwealth at Lites Bldg. Holy Spirit Drive Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City

UP NEXT: My Posh Nails experience

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  1. Awww ang cute ng interior!! :"> Wish my house looks like this! HAHA! Let's go there together next time, sis!



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