Saturday, September 17, 2011


 Just like what I told about yesterday on my post, I had a meet-up with my shop customers who happen to be my blog readers too! It's nice to know that they read my blog daily. I can't explain the feeling when you here nice words from them, and when you see them smiling in front of you!

Here are the photos of our meet-up. I had three meet-ups that day. But sadly I had no photo of my first meet-up, I cant seem to find my small digicam underneath my jungle messy bag haha!
meet Kamille, she's the winner of my COCONUT GOLD satchel giveaway.

here is Nikki, a blogger too, I forgot to ask her url. I just adore her cut-out blouse!
and of course the very cutee Patch! She is so bubbly! 

I only have few photos from my camera but you can check my facebook account here for the other photos that came from the girls' camera. (If you can't seem to view the photos baka naka private, I was tagged lang kasi ) :)
the three pretty girls with my baby Marise :)
After chatting with these girls, I went on to meet Nicolette who bought a dress from my shop! Gawd she is so tall and pretty plus ang puti pa! :)

Before heading home, Marise, I and my mom had dinner then did some quick mall strolling and of course I bought my favorite mochi ice cream from Parvati!
oh heaven! I want moreeee!!!
It was nice meeting you all ladies! I love meeting my blog readers and hearing stories on what they love about my blog! I hope to meet my other blog readers too! Kung pede lang lahat mameet ko di ba? It will be epic for sure! haha!

Off to another meet-up again later at 4pm! HAVE A NICE DAY!
Please do not forget to check my 33rd collection album! :)


  1. hoping to meet you too denise! ;) stay awesome!

  2. Super cute skirt Denise! I hope I get to meet you soon too!

  3. Awww :) Hoping to see you again pretty Denise!<3

  4. im glad to meet you ate denise. :) im hoping to see you ulet. buti na lang sinama kami ni kamille :) -patch :D


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