Friday, September 16, 2011


terno kame! haha! We just love floral skirts!

This is what Marise and I wore yesterday when we met several clients for my shop. I am so happy to finally meet my clients who are also my blog readers! It's so heart-warming when you hear words from them saying how happy they are from finally meeting me. I never thought that this blog will be able to touch lives, and that I am capable of inspiring others!

Most of the time I feel so small about myself. That almost of what I do is wrong. That no matter how hard I try not to commit mistakes, I always end-up doing one. And what hurts me most is when people judge me with the mistakes I did rather than the good memories I had with them. This made me feel more afraid of doing something wrong for fear of being misjudged, and for fear of losing trust in myself.   But what can I do, I am only human, no matter how hard I try to make everything perfect, no matter how hard I try to please others, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. 

I always believe that whatever happens, it happens for a good purpose. May it be a rough or smooth road for us, it's guaranteed that it will lead us to paradise. Again, I am sending my love and appreciation to all my blog readers who never cease to support me and my blog. Whenever I hear how how much you admire me, it made me feel more confident about myself.  This made me think that hey, no matter how small I think of myself is, and no matter how much of an imperfect person I am,  I still have my blog readers who thinks that I am good. 

My dear blog readers, you make me happy all the time! THANKS SO MUCH!

PS:On the other hand.  I would like to thank all of you who supported my 33rd collection! THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! 

PPS: Sorry for the emotional post hehe, it's just that I am going over something, but nothing of a big problem so do not worry much. :)


black top- Eastwood bazaar
maxi skirt-thrifted
bangles- random brand
sandals- Tomato


  1. your skirt's so pretty! ang cute niyo ni little girl mo. =) i have to agree, everything happens for a reason so pasalamat lang ng pasalamat! =)

  2. Don't belittle yourself dear. I know we can't help to critique ourselves but when no one else does, we can only rely on ourselves. I remember when no one (not my parents or friends) support my store or blogging, I only had my boyfriend and myself to believe in this endeavor. Turns out, everyone now see the great things that came my way because of this.

    When you don't care about what others think or say about you, that's when you'll excel the most :) Focus on yourself and your goals and you'll get there :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. You're simply perfect, sis. :) I love you! Wag ka na sad. :-* Cute niyo ni Marise!!! Miss na miss na namin ni Joed! Haha! See you soon!


  4. I love your outfit! Cute top!! =)


  5. @ghoent: thank you dear! :)
    @melai: thanks so much for the nice words. yo uare always there whenever I feel this way. I really appreciate it. :)
    @arnie: sis, I smiled and felt good nun makita ko comment are such a happy and positive person, and your comment just made me feel better :)miss you sis
    @krystal pearl: thank you! ala maria del barrio look lang haha!

  6. I can relate to what you're saying, sometimes what I do is I try to laugh at myself. No one is perfect, no matter how perfect someone can look from the outside they usually have something that's bugging them about themselves as well. Don't worry about the mistakes you've made, the people who judge you for them are way below you. Stay positive and love yourself specially for those mistakes you make, because without them you won't be who you are now :)

  7. Hey! You wore this when we met! <3
    So cute! Didn't notice na terno kayo kasi I was so kilig when I finally met you! hahaha! seriously! <3

    Anyway, don't feel so small about yourself, because I'm one of those who look up to you!(fan girl mode ;p)

    P.S.Can I have a copy of our pictures?Pretty please?Thank you!:)


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