Friday, September 16, 2011


 Hello everyone! I know this post should have been posted earlier than the outfit shots with my new hair haha! But yeah, like I said on my previous posts, my laptop cannot seem to read my digicam's memory card, good thing I was able to fix it.

For those of you asking how my digi perm went here are some photos I got...
outfit post muna haha! 

Pardon the few photos, I was alone when I went at AZTA SM San Lazaro, I was supposed to be with hubby, buy apparently, he wasn't able to come haha!
first they did is they let my hair dry. I went there with my hair dripping, kakaligo ko lang ahaha! I was there at 11am.

then Ms. July, my stylist, cut my hair first. 4 inches of my hair is chopped off haha!

lovin the free milk tea! and my donuts I bought before I went inside :)

then after cutting my hair they put the perming cream and set it for about 30 minutes. Then the moment finally came, my hair was divided into parts and coiled on tiny wires then see that machine standing at my back? They put my hair there and it's so hot but keri naman. haha!

After 20 minutes under the perming machine, I am finally done! The whole process lasts for about 3 and half hours! Kering keri di ka maiinip because the stylists, and their assistants are very accommodating, and friendly. I expected na magtatagal ako, but yeah, without noticing the time, tapos na pala haha!
thanks so much Ms. July for the wonderful service! I love my curls! I look so different! I look so young as compared to my super long and straight hair! :)

I love that Ms. July gave me this hair care tips. Other salons are not like this. And to think na may pad paper silang ganito, it proves only how serious they are in their services. Others would just advice you not to rinse your hair within 3 days, but AZTA gave me tips as to how to care for my curls, what shampoo and conditioner to use, what creams to avoid, and the like. They wrote it all here in this little paper so I won't forget! With her cellphone number pa para if I have questions I can text her. THANKS AZTA for being so nice! I LOVE YOUR SERVICE! 
BEFORE AND AFTER (the curls are still wet)
I love how I look young and fresh with my new hair, agree? haha!
and this is my hair when it is dry! The curls are so bouncy! I lavet! :)
Over-all I enjoyed the service, I have nothing to say, but GOOD JOB! I just love my new look!
If you are thinking how much I spent with my hair, P1500 for the digi perm because I purchased a voucher from ENSOGO, then additional P999 for the treatment! A total of P2499!!! So sulit! :)
Next project for my hair, hair color!!!


  1. I've been thinking of fixing my curly hair with digital perm of Azta. Still thinking about it though, kulot na din naman kasi ako :D

    Thanks for the review though, at least I got to see photos to make sure na good talaga yung digi perming nila :)

    The curls look really really good on you! I had my hair cut a last Wednesday as well, don't you just love it when the cut and style you get makes you look so much younger? :D

  2. Nako favorite ko milk tea ng Azta! Heaven lang. Haha. Really happy for you and your new hair dear! (:

  3. love your new hair and that long skirt looks divine on you!

  4. did you choose the smaller tight curls? or did they recommend that for you?

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