Sunday, September 18, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun

Hello everyone! Before I begin with my day today, I would just like to shae with you this feel-good song! It's so reviving and it will really make you dance a bit hehe! 

I have a good news for you all, I have upcoming giveaways from different sponsors. I actually received 2 packages this week, I am just waiting for the other packages. Once everything is set I will let you know about the series of giveaways! For now you may join my PLETHORA SHOP X SIMONE'S CLOSET GIVEAWAY! This ends on September 20, 2011!

Plus do not forget to drop by Simone's Closet's 33RD COLLECTION! Lots of items still available! 


  1. Love the song Denise!!! My fiance and I enjoyed it and downloaded :D Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Love your new collection talaga, sis! xx Fasyon!



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