Saturday, July 9, 2011


Before my birthday week ends, I would like to share to you some of the gifts I got for myself and those that were given to me! I got clothes from Ann a tangerine dress and a brown trousers (dream come true to own one!haha) then blue vintage dress from Andy Collection! Vest and lace skirt from hubby which I have worn already! I am reserving the others for outdoor shoots next week!haha!

Then I finally have a good pair of nude heels! Not just heels but a pretty Mary Janes that's so comfy to my feet! I got this from Belle Fenix's shop! Thank you girl!

Of course if I got myself a pair of heels, I won't forget to buy a good pair of flats! This time I fell inlove with this pair of loafers from Pill! So comfy!

Then bracelets! I love bracelets in shades of brown or with some ethnic look! Plus I also adore chinese bracelets, those with meanings and are called "lucky charms". If you noticed, I am always wearing two lucky charm bracelets that I never put-off my wrist! Now I got one more to add, and that's the dragon necklace I got yesterday when I went to Quiapo for the materials of the necklaces I am doing. Lastly, I was touched to see a small gift from PLAYGORUND LOVE SHOP, and it contains a pretty anklet (those with tiny beads) with a handwritten letter! So sweet! 

So there ya go, I cannot wait to use them all! Take pictures and blog about it! Well today's rainy, but it won't stop me to go ukay shopping later! I think I need some dresses and MORE maxi skirts!!! haha!



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  1. Pretty, pretty nude Mary Janes! You sure had a great birthday ha? :))


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