Sunday, July 10, 2011

SUNDAY MUSIC: Say it Again by Marie Digby

Hey everyone! It's Sunday once again and time flies to fast! This song by Marie Digby keeps on playing  on my lappy for the rest of the week, so I'd like to share it to all of you! I feel so happy whenever I listen to this song, plus the video is so cute!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good weekend! If you have enough time, do not forget to join my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! Pretty stuffs to be raffled! So better send in your entries now! And also, help me spread the word! THANK YOU!

PS: To all the new followers of my blog, WELCOME TO SIMONE'S FASHION CLOSET! You'll see a lot of my outfits that are mostly thrifted and not branded! Well talking about, fashion for less! Plus bits and snippets of the things I usually do! Do not hesitate to comment, just feel free to speak your mind, just be nice :) Once again, welcome to my blog!



  1. hi denise! so sorry i have to ask here. regarding the multiply accounts of your sponsors, how do i follow them? thank you!

    and have a beautiful week ahead! :D

  2. thanks for the sweet reply denise! haha. :D okay..will do that. but the things is, i dont know where the add button of the multiply accounts are..

  3. can't sleep and im nagbababad in your blog, thanks for the great videos and outfits. I wish I can dress up like you!


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