Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's June 1 and a couple of days more before classes open! And since some of my readers are going to college, I thought of doing a back-to-school challenge for the whole of month June! I will be posting school outfits that you can take inspiration with.

DAY 1 
 I picked this rocker babe look for the first day of classes. As you can see basic pieces are here combined to make a fashionable yet comfy outfit. 

Since first day will be a lot of adjustments, walking and roaming around, a good pair of comfy flats will be your life savior! For me the best flats is a comfy pair of black oxford shoes! Just make sure you choose a pair that you can wear for the entire whole day without making your feet hurt!

Throw-over a nice messenger bag wherein you can put your stuffs, a roomy bag is best so you can put as many things as needed. In this case, I used my red messenger bag from Australia just to add color on my monochromatic outfit.

So there ya go my first-day-of-school outfit! How about you what do you plan or did you wear on your first day in college? :)

printed top- divisoria
leggings- online find
vest- divisoria
oxfords- custom made
bag- from Australia
bangles- random brand


  1. i love your outfit! this is something i'd definitely wear--to school or even work!! and seriously, those shoes were custom made? waaah i like!! :P

  2. I love this challenge! :) Go denise! :)

  3. i love this challenge on your blog! :) I wish I can do the same!
    Heheh how about an outfit for law students like me? :))We wear corporate attires and it's boring sometimes, do you have any suggestion? :))

  4. love the vest!:D rock this challenge! too bad i'm too lazy to do this when i'm in school!

  5. nice leggings you got in there!
    let's follow each other?


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