Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know I know the title is corny! But I am sure you were caught by it haha! Anyway as cheesy at is may sound the feeling I had when I made it to the Blogger's United last Friday! Remember hubby and I came from a photo shoot contest at TOPS and though we were tired after it, still we are so thrilled to go check BU! So let the photos speak on how fun, fashionable and exciting this event was!
with pretty Vern! Just love her animal-print top! and oh we both wear midi skirt!

my tukayo (same name) Denise! She's so charming and friendly!
with pretty Bestie

with my loyal reader Denvie and blog friend Krissy!

the moment I came on the event my name was called and I won a gift pack! wee! So lucky! Hi Melai!

with Denvie again! I wanna have a photo shoot with you! :)

                                           so this is me enjoying the bazaar! haha!

finally! as photo with Rosanna Aranaz! She's so pretty! :)

with my favorite blogger Kookie! Gawd she's so pretty and sexy! I wish to have a chiseled face such as hers haha!

with Aie! yehey! my sisterette! I so love her! I hope to meet you again!:)

with cutesy Efril! I was leaving when I bumped into her! I hope to have more talks with her!:)

So after rummaging on the racks here are the few pieces that I got:

pretty top and vintage cardigan from Lissa Kahayon! sayang she was not on her booth when I shopped so no photo with her! I so like her to bits! :)

a pretty and funky skull bracelet from Anagon!:)

and here's the package that I won on the event! A classic black LBD! I tried it on and wow so pretty and it fits me well! :) 

thanks to SPARKLE SHOP and to Carizza Chua! If you are reading this I wanna meet you girl! THANKS AGAIN!:)
to close this post, here's what I wore to the Blogger's United event! I went on a hippie-comfy look! :)

Over-all I enjoyed though stayed for about two hours only! But every minute, every second is so fun! I hope there will be part two! :) 


  1. Too bad I missed seeing you! what time did you go?!

  2. awww, wish i was there too! hehe i love your skirt and your shoess!!! ^_^

  3. thank you for supporting BU denise! :) cool photos and purchases, and wow you won pala! :)) Ikaw na! Hehehe! And thank you for buying pala one of my skulls bclets, yey!! :)

  4. It was nice to finally meet you! Awww i have the same skull bracelet from anagon! I call them the gay skulls hehe! dami natin pareho as innn i lovet!!!

  5. Very very cool! like your style, so simple, but at the same time very classy!

  6. thank you for this, reposted on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cubao-Philippines/Sparkle-Shop/141110749238781

    hope you can post a photo wearing the dress :)

  7. weeeeeeeeee. so glad to finally meet you. you're one of those people am dying to see eversince we bumped on blogging. hope to see you again soon and sana more kwentuhan. ang daming tao, but still won't mistake you for anyone. headpeice pa lang kilala ko na. hahahahaha.


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