Friday, June 17, 2011


Finally! My 9th June Challenge! gawd I am so busy this month of June. Unexpected work loads came to my email that's why I never did imagine I'll be interrupted to shoot more for this challenge, but still I hope my dear readers you love all the outfits I posted. I hope in my birthday month I am not that busy hehe! But don't get me wrong I love my job! :)

Anyway here's what I came-up with my 9th back-to-school outfit!


crocheted cardigan- thrifted H&M
black dress- thrifted
skirt underneath- thrifted
belt- random brand
flats- B club

Feeling a bit girly so I went for this combo! I just love my black dress but then I am kinda not feeling good about its shorter length so I wore a black skirt underneath it! Anyways, this is my newly-painted room, if you are regular reader, you will notice that before my room's wall was white, and now it's yellowish. I am about to shop for some new lights to make my room brighter, any suggestions?
Then I am also shopping for new floorings, can't decide if I'll shop for carpets or just plain mats. Gawd I wish I move faster than my clock so I can do thousand things in 8 hours :)

I hope you are all doing wonderful! ADVANCED HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE LOVING FATHERS IN THE WORLD most especially to my hubby, to my papa and to my daddy! :)


  1. such a cute outfit! i love the idea of longer skirts underneath shorter ones. might try that soon!♥

  2. cute belt and love the dress on you!:D


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