Thursday, June 16, 2011


My birthday is coming this July and let me share with you what I am planning to get for myself on that special day. Well I love shoes, the flats ones. But I love heels too but not much fascination as what I feel for fancy flats! I feel so sexy when I am in flats but of course there are events, occassions, or outfits wherein you need a good pair of heels that's why I included here my dream heels too.

So here they are...
HETTY shoes in navy blue from ICHIGO
I have seen like this from Tonic shoes in The Ramp Trinoma only that it's floral. I am actually torn between the two. I am also looking for red. I am not much a fan of shopping shoes online coz I 'd like to fit shoes personally for there are circumstances that I love a pair of shoes but that doesn't fit me well or I don't look good at it. So I usually drop-by the shoe stores.
red shoes from Pill!

Ahhh red! I love that this shoe is so fashionable yet the design is classic and I could already think ways on how to wear it!

brown oxford heels from Pill again

Oxford heels for smart casual attires or whenever I feel like dressing vintage-y haha!
brown pointed oxfords from Pill

Oh well I love oxfords! For I can wear it with shorts, skirts, pants, and dresses! 

Honestly I don't own pretty killer branded heels. I mean I love shoes but I am not inlove with the expensive prices. I shop for shoes that I know I could wear several times and those with good quality but not sold too expensively. I was not born rich so I always think 10 times before I shop for shoes. I have a kid to feed and a future to save-up on so throwing my money to buying shoes is a no-no! hehe! But if time comes I'll be as rich as the richest woman in the world, I would definitely shop for branded shoes, use it once or thrice then keep them so Marise can wear 'em when she finally reach 18? may age talaga!  

So there yah go these are my shoe wishlist for my birthday. Nothing branded coz I love buying local designs. So mababaw  but yeah these are what I like  to get for my birthday! Well if I won't be able to get all, I wish I could buy just two hehe! :) 


  1. i got the same one from ichigo but in grey!:D happy birthday!!

  2. @ ava: I have seen that pair nga eh in your blog! :) I hope I can visit their store in G.Hills!:)

  3. I have a similar shoe like Hetty from The Shoe Gallery less the bow and mine's patent, not suede! Yay, for t-strap shoes!!!


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