Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Just a simple celebration with my hubby and Marise! We went window shopping and bought few stuffs for Marise and a gift for Marise's lolo dad! The mall is so crowded that almost all the restos have no more vacant seats, but we found luck when Greenwich has few people inside. So instead of waiting at the super long line at Gerry's grill, we opted to have our dinner at Greenwich instead. Surprisingly, the dishes are so good and even Marise ate a lot considering she's too picky with the food she eats! 
Ended the night happy and tired. 

PS: Marise and hubby are both sick now, I guess it's because of their too tedious running-after-each-other bonding while window shopping in the mall. I hope they both get better the soonest! :)

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  1. Hi simone! sorry late reply. Yes, i'll be going on the 25th.. I don't want to miss the event! hihi.. -ganda nung outfit m nung BU kya nahiya ko,.lol! Mwah!


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