Monday, May 23, 2011


Wonder why the title? haha! Well it's plainly because I looked like Esmeralda in this outfit. Hubby and I cannot refrain from laughing whenever people stare at me because of my unusual (for other people) outfit. But mind you this outfit is so boho and comfy that I could wear this look everyday haha!

This was taken two days ago when hubby and I went to the mall to meet Cheena for the photos of my next collection, then headed to the toy section to buy Athan a gift. We attended his birthday yesterday and I will blog about it tomorrow! :)

Good thing we were so early that day, so no people around to watch hehe! But after 30 minutes, people are kinda coming, glad that we were able to shoot enough photos for this post. Enough for us is a set of good 20 shots per outdoor post haha! As hubby always say, it's better to have more than to have less, so you'll have a bunch to pick from! :)
This look, the nautical stripes combined with floral patterns is actually an inspiration from this post. I really wanna try the mix and match pattern trend, but sadly I had no floral shorts to pair this nautical top so I went for a floral maxi skirt instead.

I guess I am pretty much obsessed with floral  prints now! I think I wanna hit the nearest ukay shop in our house, later! HAVE A NICE MONDAY EVERYONE!

nautical top- thrifted
floral maxi skirt- thrifted
sandals- Parisian
bag- Landmark
head wrap- SM Kids
bangles- random brand and gifted by hubby
feather earrings- Simone's Closet (will be selling soon!)


  1. Looking good! I love that pink head wrap!

  2. id wear that look everyday too! i love your skirt!

  3. hi babe, yes. im filipina but i live in canada now. i miss philippines! :) i just got back from my trip to manila actually 2 weeks ago.

    love the boho outfit u have on. :P i've never tried long skirts before. i wonder if i can pull it off hehe


  4. Ya know I love this! (; and don't mind the stares; walang pakelamanan! Haha.

    Yes I will be selling at BU. Punta ka ha! Take a break from work namuna. :p


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