Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This is what I wore last Sunday morning when me, hubby, and Marise went to Athan's birthday at Jollibee in Blue wave near Mall of Asia. I chose to wear something bright and colorful since it's a children's party and the sun rose so beautifully that day; a perfect timing to wear such a jolly colorful outfit!

These were taken at the Mall of Asia after the party. Marise wanted to have a mall stroll so we decided not to come home yet, hence I had a chance to do some outfit shots! haha! I am lovin' how bright my outfit is, fired-up with the shiny sunlight! I love summer a lot! It makes me feel so cheerful and embrace colors!

Will show you some photos of Athan's party after this post!

PS: I wish  I could come at the Bloggers United, I hate rainy days coz it's hard to commute all the way from Manila to Ortigas. It will definitely be a traffic day if the typhoon arrives on Friday. I wish it won't, but if it will , I hope the bazaar will be rescheduled so many could come! :)


purple blazer- thrifted
floral top- thrifted online
royal blue skirt- random bazaar find
appricot flats- Parisian Jr.
feather earrings- Simone's Closet

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  1. the boyfriend blazer is totally rockin' the whole outfit!! i want to have one in my closet too! :D

    anyway, you might want to join my first blog giveaway here,

    followed your blog, hope to hear from you too! :) Thanks!


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