Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Ava invited me and my family to her son's birthday last Sunday. We came just in time and Marise was so happy to play along with Athan. 

How cute is that? Marise wearing her ballerina inspired outfit from SM Kids. She loves it so much that's why she poses like a pro in the photos haha! She just love the clothes I buy for her! Such a kikay kid!
Then before the party started,  I had a photo taken with Ava who happens to be wearing a purple ensemble also. Our outfits' colors matched! Love it!

Then here are a couple of photos from the party itself. Kids and adults really went gaga over the games and with Jollibbee's super kikay dance! haha! He moves like a pro dancer!

And of course, before the party ends, a picture with Jollibee! haha! Marise waited for this moment, she's such a fan...well I guess most kids are! Right? :)

Thanks again Ava for inviting us! Hubby thinks Gersh is a nice man and he even told me he wanted to meet and bond with Gersh some other time! haha! :)


  1. awww this is such a nice post! :) happy birthday to athan, im sure he had a great time playing with Marise

  2. @smarla: thank you dear! Yes both the kids enjoyed playing with each other! :)

  3. These kids are too cute for words! Looks like Athan had a fun birthday party :) and you look wonderful! I love that purple blazer ^^ x

  4. I love your outfit! Purple is may fave color! Marise looks adorable in her cute skirt and stockings..:) Looks you had a blast! <3


  5. thank you so much for coming, denise!!:) Loving cutie marise!!

  6. chic mommies ;)

    Happy Birthday Athan! :)

  7. Marise is sooo cute! She definitely got her fashionista side from you!! like mom like daughter! :)

    stay gorgeous! :)


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