Thursday, March 24, 2011

U.B.E Ultimate Bonding Experience

It's always nice to bond with your girl friends at least every week to catch-up on each other plus sipping a delicious hot or cold coffee while exchanging laughs with each other.

Everytime we meet, we make sure we are all dolled-up for mini a photo shoot.

We usually chat with anything under the sun. Business, love life, and not to forget our different plans of going abroad. I feel so recharged whenever I get to talk to them. 

We just love how we spent our day with each other. I will show you my friends' outfits on the coming days. Add to that some of our photos inside a pretty restroom in Trinoma. haha! 

As we end the day, we realized we did a lot of window shopping and only our eyes are full. haha! We three are currently on a shopping ban. Our next stop, thrift shopping! I am so looking forward!

PS: gasgas na samen ang Trinoma haha! :) 


  1. haha! me and my friends are always at trinoma too! haha! love your blouse and flats denise!:)

  2. Nice and sweet feminine look :) I agree, friends really bring us to a "happy place". :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. cute shorts! :)

  4. oonga e, i noticed you're always in trinoma with your entries ;)) cute sleeves! :D

  5. cute top, denise! wish you'd have shorts like that on simonescloset!:)

  6. i like so much your style...this outfit is soo cool...


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