Friday, March 25, 2011


As promised here are SOME of the GAZILLION photos we have last Wednesday when we had our UBE at Cafe Izzo in Trinoma. I would just like to say that this post is photo heavy haha!

Let me show to you what my girl friends are wearing that day. 

Don't you just love their outfits! I so love how these girls dress and they both have fascination over satchel bags haha! Take a look on the photos you'll see what I mean. Cheena's really the punk chic and  I love how summery her look is even though her top is black. I just love her tribal and colorful printed skort. Joann, on the other hand, wore something new, she looks so bohemian that day with her online find maxi skort! I love the medieval print and the flowy fabric! 
We so love the sun, that we even managed to smile under a striking bright sun! Oh well! Hahaha!
These two are the master of stolen shots. They look so pretty even if they are smiling so big unlike me who looks so cartoonish haha!

When we felt the heat and we noticed we are already perspiring, we went to the restroom for some pampering moments. And mind you we didn't let the opportunity to take our photos inside that pretty comfort room! haha!

And finally, this photo above, is the one that made us laugh on top of our lungs. This was taken by a tall mall guard. In just a split a second he captured us looking like little kids! haha! Sa tangkad ni kuya guard nanliit kame at nagmukhang mga batang paslit sa litratong ito! haha!

We wished this day never ended. It was so nice to chat with my girls over a cup of coffee, then afterwards, we go to our usual window shopping marathon! haha! Til our next, my friends! :)


  1. aww you girls look so fasyown!:)

  2. Hey Denise, thanks for your email. You girls look beautiful and stylish! I like your friend's long skirt... I'm starting to become really fond of maxis lately... Anyway, check my reply on your mail, thanks! And your blog is great!!



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