Saturday, March 19, 2011


As a continuation of my previous post, here's our late lunch with hubby at French Baker in MOA.
As I said on my previous posts, Canona the camera is nearly dying the day we went to MOA that's why we only have few photos of our sumptuous meal.
Trying to capture our happy face via a self-timer mode of Canona, the reason why she really got dead haha! 
SAAN KA PA HINDI PA KUMAKAIN MUKHANG BLOATED NA. hahaha! Gawd I seriously need a strict diet! Hubby told me to cut rice consumption haha! We have this challenge of eating only 1 cup of rice per meal. I am sacrificing a lot, I love extra rice but yeah, I am willing to starve myself a bit just to lose a couple of pounds haha!

And because I am avoiding rice as much as I can resist temptation ahaha, I opted for a lighter meal, so I ordered Chicken-ala- King. Hubby ordered Beef Lasagna and Chocolate Ice cream shake, but sorry no photos to tempt you haha, Canona was already dead by the moment hubby's orders arrived. 

And for hubby's OOTD...

TADAAAHH!!! Here's hubby's photos strutting his stuff and working like a pro model! O taray! He is so good in emoting haha!

The last two photos are a product of us wanting to change my blog header haha! I love hubby to bits because he supports my blog and all things related to fashion. I just love how he captured me looking so serious for my header. I am always in a smiling face so this photo is a great change for me thanks hubby! And if hubby has a blog too, I know he will request me to edit his photo and upload it as a header asap! haha! He loves pictures too as much as I and Marise, our daughter, love to see ourselves on photos. 

Thank you hubby for the wonderful bonding at MOA! I am excited for our next photo shoot! :)

PS: Magbukas na kaya tayo ng Photo Studio? *wink wink*


  1. i ♥ the new header and the yellow blouse look so cool very summer. love it

  2. Looks like you and the boyf had a wonderful day! The food look so yummy and props to the boyf for taking nice shots! The header is my fave from the bunch. Love the summer hues going on with your outfit! :)

  3. aww lovely :) your hubby is super sweet!


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