Friday, March 18, 2011


Summer is here already! And I can feel that with our humid weather nowadays! That's why I only get to wear my favorite cardigans, sweaters, and blazers as cover-ups during the night especially when I go out. 

And just the other day when I get to meet Ava at University Mall, I wore something perfect for summer so I opted for light fabrics in soft hues. A combination of yellow and blue. 

I met Ava to get the pair of JC-inspired shoes. I love it to bits! Thanks Ava! She even told me "ganito lang ako sa school"  pointing-out she's dressed-down but for me she still looks pretty and I said to her "It's school appropriate so ok lang yan". But seriously I love how Ava looked that day, so simple and very comfy for a hectic school schedule. 

After meeting Ava, hubby and I went to Mall of Asia for late lunch and a mini outfit shoot.  So brace yourself for photo-overload. haha! (mind you these are just some of the photos hubby took)




Hubby is really a photographer-in-the-making. He knows how to combine aperture and ISO to take good photos. What's funny about this shoot is that, I forgot to charge my dslr so when I was already on my pose and hubby's about to click the button to snap my photo, Canona (my dslr) got dead-on-the-spot. haha! Thankfully, Canon shop in MOA has paid services for charging batteries. 
So after an hour of strolling and chatting, Canona is alive again and so we are successful on our mission that day!

Hubby is not only a good photographer, but also, a good model too haha! He pose better than I do. I wish I have that guts to pose without feeling shy at all even a lot of people are staring. haha!
Will show you photos of him tomorrow! :)

PS: I am getting fat I seriously need to go on a STRICT DIET. But oh well, no matter what I am still sexy haha! 

yellow dress used as top- bought online
striped shorts- The Landmark
braided belt- The Landmark
shoes- from former supplier


  1. So cute, very summer indeed! And it's so cool that you talked about these pictures because I thought to myself, wow these photos look great! You can definitely see the improvement in quality and lighting and everything. So, kudos to hubby! Hehe. :p

  2. @ rizzalana: thanks dear! That's my favorite pair of flats so I wear it for photo shoot purposes only hehe

    @bestie: yay!thanks! yes he has a talent in photography . at strict photographer siya. haha we were doing this for like one hour haha! :)

  3. aww super love this post! And i very much love your summery outfit :) Can't wait to see you rock the shoes!

  4. Super cute outfit!! Love the shoes!!


  5. Denise!! You looks amazing! I love how you paired up the two pieces. Loving the yellow top a lot though :D

  6. nice summery style :)

    Melai of Style and Soul


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