Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Sorry ladies for such a random post BUT I have to share this to you. I was chatting with my boss earlier and he told me to watch a video from YOUTUBE. I clicked the link and here's what I saw:

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First word I told my boss was... OMG!!! I really cannot believe that his woman at her age of 73 has a tiny waist of 15 inches! I5 inches my dear readers! I don't know how to feel about her coz I think what she's doing is not healthy, second, it doesn't look good. But yeah, it's her body so nothing to meddle or worry about haha!

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Just wanted to share this to you because I cannot really move-on. Her name by the way is Cathie Jung a Victorian costume-maker as well as a lover and a user of corset everyday of her life 24/7!!! Shocks! And because of her tiny waist, she is now a record- holder of the Tiniest Waist On a Living Person  by The Guinness Book of World Records.

If being sexy is like this, then I would rather eat the whole day and just love my body the way it is, than be tied in a tight corset. On the lighter side, I admire her patience to wear a corset. It's not comfy to wear one she's amazing she managed to tolerate the pain of wearing a corset. 

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  1. The first picture looks like someone took a photo of a woman, and then photoshopped her waist to be tiny! Sooo itty bitty.


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