Monday, March 21, 2011


Last week, I met a client at Trinoma to hand her the items she bought on my recent collection. I also took advantage of that meet-up to tag along my mom and Marise for a weekly girl bonding. If  before we used to go to SM, now we have a new place to raid-in haha...Trinoma.
And since I know Marise is with me that day, and I expected to run after her, well I chose to look simple yet stylish that day. Well moms are mostly dressed this way especially if their kids love to run at malls. I'd rather be prepared than not eh? haha!

Marise's special spot in Trinoma are the fountain areas there. Whenever she sees it, she'll ask me to give her coins where she keeps in her tiny Spanish sling bag, then throw the other coins on the water as if the fountain is like a wishing well. haha!

Ended the day happy plus Marise got another set of toy cookwares. Oh well, whenever we go to the mall, she knows she needs to get a toy cook set haha!

blue top- Jellybean
harem pants- Online find
flats- Jessica
bag- from Paris
necklace- Landmark
rings- random brand


  1. Cute photos! Hey I have the same flats from SM! =)

  2. haha oo nga eh aie nkita ko nga sa blog mo. I got it from SM too! I hope to meet you soon AIE! :)

  3. super love your necklace denise! cute ni marise!:)

  4. aww you got a cute lil girl!! :) and that necklace is pretty!

  5. i love your bag! the shoes looks great too and the color, i love it!! thanks for dropping by my blog. :D


  6. cute hair, cute header and hawt stylish mom. likingyour outfits so we linked your blog to ours and followed it too.

    keep it up! <3


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