Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am already a week or so working at home, when I found out I still have my last outfit shot taken at my previous workplace. I will surely miss taking my outfit photos in this spot, but I am happy to have found a new one inside our house.

I bet Kuya Aries, my loyal and patient photographer on my former job, will surely miss the routine we had back then. I used to call him at exactly 5:15 pm, 15 minutes before we leave the office, to take my photos. I am happy to have known him, and I thank him for the wonderful photos I have posted in my blog.

Now his routine will be new since he will be taking outfit photos of Maris. And he won't even need to call a cab for me anymore. I will miss this routine and this photo will remind me the little things that kept me happy in my previous job.

sequined top- The Landmark
shorts- thrifted
ribbon as belt- from a skirt
wedges- parisian
blazer- SnR


  1. lovely blazer! I'm sure the Kuya will miss you too

  2. aww love your shorts and studded blazer!

  3. I've always wanted to wear bermudas to work... maybe I'll try it soon. I just hope my bosses don't kill me.:p

    Hm, ganun talaga. You will always miss your old job. But the nice thing is, it wouldn't really be a painful kind of feeling. Just enough for you to be thankful that that chapter of your life happened and you learned from it. xx


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