Wednesday, February 9, 2011



So another outfit photo again on my newly-discovered area inside our house. This time I felt like I wanted a mix of two prints. I chose to pair my striped top with my animal-printed fringe necklace from Anagon. Both prints blended well and I love it! 

This is the comfiest and most stylish outfit I have ever worn. I think I could wear this whole day walking and shopping at SM MOA. I haven't seen the entire mall, as in corner per corner and store per store. I wanna have a photo shoot there soon and catch the beautiful sunset. I guess this will be on my next plan of trip with Cheena! I so miss that girl! 

And on the other side, I miss going to bloggers events. I hope next time I could join. I miss the tons of picture taking! I wanna thank also those who purchased on my latest collection! I hope you could visit Sweet Comeback collection! There are lots of stuffs available! Click the icon on the left to go there directly!

PS: There are two brooms on these photos, and counting? haha! Well we're not witch!:)

striped top- SM Department store
shorts- SM Department store
fringe necklace- Anagon
wedges- Parisian Jr.


  1. Your hair is so pretty! :-) That Anagon fringe necklace is so fab. :)

  2. pretty :) love how the anagon necklace put an ooompf in the outfit :)

  3. the bunny's pose is hilarious! hahaha :)

  4. cute!
    your wedges is nice
    would you mind to check out my post on my blog? we could be friend and follow each other if you like too

    sweets from Bali


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