Thursday, February 17, 2011

 Hey ladies! At last another outfit post! As my title says, I am lucky to have found my new friend Cheena. We jive together and we enjoy each other's company. Add to that we are both available to chill anytime we want just like what we did yesterday. 

I love how I spent my ordinary afternoon with such an extraordinary person. We chat over a glass of cold coffee, and a lot of walking here and there for our outfit photos. I decided to wear flats for I know we will be doing a lot of walking around to find a perfect spot for our shoot. It isn't easy to find one considering that a lot of people are swarming over the pretty garden of Trinoma, taking also their photos. We're glad we've found a nice place to begin our moment of vanity. 

I swear this won't be our last. This is just a beginning of discovering more from each of us, and tons of outfit shoots on the coming days! I will blog about her outfit tomorrow!

Hope you are doing great my dear readers!

black lace top- bazaar find
leopard pants- Tomato
flats- Landmark
bag- Parisian Jr.
accessories- random brand

photos by CHEENA of The Photographer's Girl


  1. Hi girl! The clogs will fit 8.5-9, ^^

  2. love the pants dear! follow you now...hope you check out mine...xoxo Cheryl

  3. aww super love the pants, denise!:)

  4. @ann: thanks! got it from my new supplier! I will sell those kinda tops soon!:)
    @Ana Maria: thanks for dropping by ana! hope to see you here always!
    @ann: about the clogs, i love em I am actually thinking if I should get it. I am currently on a shopping ban but those pair screams "buy me now". I'll think it over. :) you are such a great ukay lady!
    @Smolder Mae:thanks for following dear!I checked your blog and it's lovely!
    @Ava: I missed you! I hope I can see you again on another event. and hopefully a cup of coffee and a photoshoot with you!:)


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