Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Marise met this cute little girl and handed her a flower.
Now for hubby's outfit.

A cute lady bear is giving away chocolate coins to cute little kids!And marise is
just happy to get some! Oh she really loves chocolates!

How are you my dear readers? What did you do last Valentine's day? Well as for mine, I had it spent with my family. We went to Eastwood for a stroll, a lot of picture takings, shopping and a sumptuous dinner to end our day.

It wasn't really a plan to go there, considering its too far from where we live but we decided to push-through for a change. We grabbed the opportunity to have a family bonding there, after my quick client meet-up with Larisse. I regret to have not taken her photo that day. Oh well.

My baby Marise really enjoyed in her 3-minute ride on a fancy horse. She just loved how it moves up and down. I went a bit dizzy afterwards haha! Then we had dinner at Pizza Hut and a quick shopping afterwards. We were not able to stroll around the tiangge area in as much as I want to, because we don't wanna get stuck on traffic and come home late. So at 7pm we already went home.

I will forever  treasure this day. It is one of the happiest days of my life!


  1. The carousel ride with your daughter, oh it's classic. The moment is so priceless :)

  2. never been on a carousel ride :( ganda ng header ha! :)


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