Friday, February 18, 2011


Never did I imagine that I will have such a nice, pretty, and fasyon friend like Cheena. We've known each other for almost 2 months I guess, and all I  can say is, I felt like we've known each other for so long. 

Just last Wednesday we had a coffee date and a bit of photo shoot for our blogs. We both feel excited about this. I guess we would want this coffee date at least every week. What I like about her aside from the fact that she's fasyon, and all her outfits are something I would wanna wear, is her bubbly personality and her cute smile. I've seen her dressed-up and dressed-down, but mind you, this gal is so pretty no matter what kind of clothes she wear.

I may not knew her that long, but I know we are starting our way for a long lasting friendship. Love yah Cheens! Til our next coffee date!

PS: Don't you just love her outfit? This is basically what I would wear if I wanna be comfortable and fasyon. Love her new hair color also!


  1. Gah I really miss her! Super kulet girl. Haha.

  2. pretty face indeed! btw, you got a new header image! love it :)

  3. @ cecille : kulet? ikaw bading :P lmao! i've been in touch with ate tin for two weeks straight now. i miss you too cecille bestie konisis <3 don't hate me for this :P

    @ denise: i'm blushing :P i do apologize for the lack of post in my blog and not sharing to whoever reads mine my random what nots with you :) don't worry i'll catch up with blogging - starting tmrw <3

  4. @ bestie: I hope you can join us two!and let's have a blast on a mini photo shoot.haha
    @hazel: yes she's lovely indeed :)
    @ cheens: hey you don't need to update your blog for me. I did this because I want to and because you deserve this. see you next week!:)


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