Saturday, February 19, 2011


Marise, my daughter is already 2 years old and 7 months. And a few months from now she'll be three. Since I am now working at my own time, I can be with her throughout any endeavors she will face. First stop, going to a toddler school!

Time passes by so fast as many of you would agree, and I never imagined that she's schooling now and I will be so very proud of her. On  the first day of her class, she had tantrums and she was the least participative kid among the others. I expected her to be that way, but gawd she surprised me on the following days that followed. 

 On the second and third day, according to her teacher, she finished all the activities and even excelled on them! She got a total of three smileys (a star for other school) for being a very good student! She even got prizes from her teacher for being so cooperative and smart! Aww I love her so much! She's intelligent and darling.

One more week and she's going to finish her first toddler session! I am thinking of enrolling her to a ballet class or voice class lessons, or a violin class perhaps? I think piano lessons, ah I guess cooking class! Haha I am such an excited and proud momma!

And to complete the documentation of my baby's first day to school, here's what I wore that day. Something comfy yet chic!:)

PS: If you are free tomorrow my dear readers, maybe you could come to my blogger friends' garage sale tomorrow! Meet and greet the other fashionable ladies of the web! I wish I could come, but Sundays for me are spent with my family. I hope I could be on the next!HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!

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