Sunday, February 20, 2011

 I know each and every one of us is "shopaholic". We have our own interests when it comes to shopping. And apparently, mine is about shopping for what I fashion finds. I have written in my diary of reminders (Yes I have that, because I tend to forget things) that I am only allowed to buy things in different period. Like, I can only get myself a new bag every quarter. Meaning I can only get my new bag this 2011 on April. I am such a "kuripot" like that. Mind you, it helps me to overcome myself from being impulsive, and it helps me save money too!

And just recently, I came to a period that I can buy cheap finds and should not exceed P2000! So let me share to you what I have in my shopping bag!

Basically as you can see I bought a pair of wedges, tops, skirts, and a lot of accessories. I got them from different stores this week.

For these cutee little trinkets let me share  to you what are these and where I got them:
1. Cute denim ribbon waist belt= SM Kids section
2. Tan woven belt- = from Hang Me Now (multiply)
3. Skinny tan belt= F &H
4. Cutesy pink floral band= SM Kids section

I got this skirt from an online shop at multiply called Hang Me Now. I love how feminine this skirt is, plus the way it flatters my body. The fabric is so soft. 

Got this for myself last V-Day when family and I went to Eastwood. I am totally inlove with laces right now.

Got this black romantic lacey top from a newly-found supplier.

And of course my favorite among all of my cheap finds...tada! The newest design of wedges from Parisian Jr.! I love how Parisian impresses me with all of their shoe collections! I swear I can almost got broke shopping for all the cheap yet quality shoes they have there! Thank God I controlled myself the day I bought this pair! I will post outfit photos wearing these new babies! It is the comfiest pair I ever had! I wanna buy on my next salary, the grey version!:)

All of these cheap finds cost me about P 1800! So great right?! How about what are your recent cheap finds?


  1. OMG. I haven't gone shopping in the longest time. Shopping ban :( Jealous of the cheap finds you've gotten!

    Thanks for visiting my blog btw, here is my email address: pamlouiesechua @ ymail . com

    sPam of frou-frou

  2. @ sPam: oh the next time you are allowed to shop again, try shopping for cheap finds at SM! :)

    And thanks for giving me your email address! I will send you a message!thanks!:)

  3. Love the cheap finds Denise :)Looks like you had a great shopping :)

  4. I used to have that exact same skirt; I found it in an ukay shop. Sold it though on my defunct online thrift shop. It's really nice, parang vanilla lang. Hihi. :)

  5. all that for php1800?! wow! :) i love the shoesss.... ♥


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