Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 Another day to dress-up for my blog!haha! I kinda miss the times that I always got late for work because of too much prepping-up. And now that I am home, I have more time to dress-up and discover my style more. I could say I dress like a country girl. I am simple yet stylish. 

And part of discovering my style is trying other outfits too, like this one is inspired by Sonia Lazo in her Warm Leopard entry in Chictopia. I am loving how basic the pieces she used to put-up this outfit. And I love how comfy and stylish this one is. 

I am loving the fact that I can actually try different outfits for this helps me in discovering more on my fashion style. How about you what's your style?

photo from : Sonia Lazo

eyelet dress used as top- thrifted
brown shorts- thrifted
bow belt- SM Kids
tights- SM Dept. Store
wedges- Parisian Jr.


  1. cute bow on your waist, denise!!:)

  2. you have a lovely quirky style. Luv ur blog. I'm hopping from BlogCatalog.

    Also dropping you an invite..Were having a meme every Thursdays, its called the Share-A-Thrift-Hunt Meme where we could feature thrift finds, goodies bought on sale, yard sales, thrift shops, anything bought on a good bargain. Hope you can check it out and join us =)

  3. awww you have it nga! They're super comfy no? lovet! bet ko sha and the color is really nice! =)


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