Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love vintage dressing for I feel like time-travelling whenever I am into one. Yesterday I came to office with this vintage outfit. I so love how comfy yet stylish this outfit looks like.
Plus I am loving turban on my head. It just gives me a certain feeling of nostalgia, and it adds drama to any outfit.  Look at how the Olsen twins rock this turban trend! I adore their fashion sense, and they both look gorgeous!

 In the middle of this shoot, my camera went weird. So I have to check it first. I didn't realize I put-off the turban, so here are some of the photos of me without the turban, do I look better with it or without it?:)
bloopers haha! My officemate surprisingly passed-by in front of me. See her hand?:)

At last I had a decent photo of me without the turban (and less my officemates who are watching at me haha!) I guess they find my photo shoot enjoying so here they are posing an outfit shot with me!:)
With our site coordinator, Freman (suki sa shop ko haha!)
With our sexy account executive, Charm (she's so charming right?)

PS: Hubby and I are not in good terms, we fought last night. I just hope we will get this through. Saaaddd :(

silky top- thrifted
turban-from supplier


  1. Love your trousers, and the turban of course! (:

  2. vintage is a great way to time travel! hehe :) and loving the trousers on you, denise! i want it!

  3. ha? di mo yan nabanggit. nakakatawa, magkatabi lang tayo ng table pero di tayo nagkakausap sa sobrang busy. how ironic!


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