Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Nothing special happened yesterday. Just a gloomy day for me. My head was aching all day. Plus my eyes were not functioning well,  I guess I need eye glasses now. When I was unearthing my clothes in my closet, I saw this butterfly chiffon dress and thought this would be great for work. I chose to pair it with my tights because it's so cold in the office. I feel like I am a frozen pork haha!

I am loving turbans these days so the craze won't stop. And here ya go again an outfit with a turban, again! How about you do you like  turbans?

PS: I find it hard to wake-up so early these days. I guess the cold weather is keeping me intact to bed! This is bad, this waking-up-at-5am  is starting to be a routine. I used to get-up at 3am doing my work stuffs. But hell yeah I am 2 hours late from waking -up ugh! But on the other note, I love cold weather, it allows we to wear my tights and blazer! I just have to battle with the breeze for me to wake-up earlier!

have a nice day!

butterfly dress- thrifted
tights- divisoria
belt-from supplier
shoes- B Club
turban- from supplier


  1. oh yes, it's so hard to wake up these days!!! gotta love/hate cold weathers! hahaha love the dress! :)

  2. gotta love the turban on you!:) the weather nowadays is making me lazy :|


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