Thursday, January 20, 2011


Few more weeks and I am out of office. Yes I quit my current job for another one, a notch higher than what I used to do right now. I know the new path I will cross this time will be more challenging. But I guess that's what makes life more meaningful.

At this point in time, I am unstoppable. My friends know me a lot as well as hubby, as someone who's eager enough to get what I want no matter how difficult the process would be. I may not be as aggressive as the others, but believe me, rage boils in my veins whenever an idea pops in my head.

I have a lot of things to do, and a lot of things to learn. This blog is just  one part of the plans I am pushing through this year. I may not be the best blogger, or I may not have the best blog, or I may not have the most beautiful photos or outfits there is, but I know there's always room for improvement.

I am thankful for entering in the blogging world, for this has taught me to be creative, to be outspoken, and to love myself more than anything else. I am happy I have known several bloggers, and to find few friends here. I hope I gain more blogger friends  as long as this blog is breathing. 

Sometimes I am asking myself, do all my followers really read my blog? Or are they still interested in what I am writing about? Oh well, these are just thoughts. Whatever that is, I am still thankful for the bunch of followers I have here. I am thankful for all the lovely comments you put here in my blog. Your comments inspire me to improve this blog more.

To all my followers, blogger friends, and readers, THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! I hope you won't get tired reading and supporitng Simone's Fashion Closet!

PS: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANA of The Fashionista Commuter!
And do you know someone who knows how to make blogger layouts? I need some help!:)

navy blue dress- thrifted
belt- divisoria
wedges- Parisian Jr.
turban- from supplier
accessories- random


  1. Well I still read your blog! Hehe. I know you have plenty of plans for the year and my wish is for you to find success and happiness in every aspect of your life. (Naks parang New Year greeting lang, haha.) I think, as long as you keep having fun doing what you do (blogging, work, your business, etc.), you'll be okay. (;

    And yay for another turban. <3

  2. Ano ang ipapalit mo sa job mo ngayon? Just wondering.

  3. youre welcome, dear followee! :) congrats to moving on to better things!


  4. wow! i wish you all luck in your future endeavors :)

    PS i cant believe i'm not yet following you here.. been a reader of your blog for a while now! Will follow now in google friend connect :)

  5. @bestie: Aww thank you Bestie! I never knew you read my blog. I mean there's nothing much interesting here. But still, thank you Bestie! I am so happy to read your comments here in my blog! I hope to bond with you along Cheena soon!:)

    and yes yay for the turban craze!haha!

    @rah: I know you are one of the handful of my loyal readers. thank you so much for reading my blog though some post is non-sense. hehe.

    My new job is basically the same, copywriter, only that I am working home-based under a new company. :)

    @ Reg: aww reg ang sweet naman! I am a reader of your blog too! I just knew for about a month when I saw Ingrid's blog, and from then on I followed you already! I feel something good on you! You are such a sweet gal!:)

    @hazel: I AM SO SO SO happy to know that you are following me. I will do my best to keep this blog more interesting! I hope to see you always here in my blog! And who knows we can meet some time!:)

  6. Thanks for the blog greeting denise! :) <3 Natouch ako!!! :))


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