Monday, January 17, 2011


 Wore this laid-back outfit to office last Saturday! I guess that'll be my third to the last Saturday before I leave my job! I will surely gonna miss everyone in the office. Anyway before I get sentimental, just want to say hi to my new followers! I am so happy to see you here in my blog! I hope to hear a lot of comments from you guys! And to my long-time followers, my warmest thank you for keeping in -touch always through your comments! I may not reply to them all, but I definitely read every bits of your comments. It's just that I am currently busy juggling two jobs plus family plus my shop.

Now let's talk about future plans. Well my shops comeback collection will be out soon! I know I am saying this for so long but preparations took me so long. But I know you'll gonna love what's coming next. This coming February I am totally free of my 8am to 5pm job. By that time I am on my own already. I have more time to improve my shop and my blog along with my sistah friend, Cheena! She'll gonna be my partner-in-crime on the coming months. haha! That's it. Thoughts come to ponder, but my mind is still bloated. It's Monday again no time for nega vibes!


striped polo- mom's
skirt- from supplier
necklace-from supplier
oxfords- Archive Clothing


  1. I love the ribbon skirt and the boyish top :) It can look better siguro with casual shoes - chucks maybe? That would be really casual. jmho. But everything else is great.

  2. Lovely skirt! Thanks for the warm welcome! I am one of the new ones. =)

  3. the skirt!! so cute! anything with ribbon, i adore haha

    <3 hazel


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