Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've had enough! And I can't seem to tolerate more. I have never been this furious in my entire life! And never in my life I have been treated like a senseless human! I have never seen such a hell environment as to where I am now! I've had enough! So much that I wanted to scream and get out now!

I am not like this, my friends know how kind I am. Or how silent and resilient I am as long as I can take things no matter how hard they are. But I guess I am just human, I came to a point I can no longer contain what I feel. I feel like a volcano that's about to erupt. It's hard to control. It's hard...

These photos were taken yesterday when I lost my self-control. I just faked my smile because I am tired of being sad all day yesterday. I have been patient all throughout the years I am in this company. I took anything they gave me, I accepted what is due of me, no matter how I feel small about them. Back then, I have good visions with working on them. I gave my all to help them. But I never felt their concern. Even a simple thank you I didn't hear. And now that I am about to leave, they let me feel like I am a wind that passed by. What did I do to deserve these all? I am not asking for any recognition, I am after hearing them they appreciated me, a simple thank you will do. But what the hell, they just filed my resignation letter, and said "okay". Damn! What a heartless company is this! 

Swear I want to leave now, I can no longer breath, I can no longer control the rage inside of me. Nobody wants to listen here. Nobody cares. No one but myself and my thoughts. I feel like in a cage. I want my freedom please give it to me,please.


  1. Oh. I can relate with you on this one sis., but I think, the best you can do now, is to move on and just forget about them---never look back---because you know that by moving forward, you have grown, while they are left in their little corners, their growth forever stunted by their small-minded views, ^^, ---and like what I always tell to my friends (who plans to resign) GO GIRL! ^^,

  2. thanks Ann! I commented on your blog :) I hope I can survive two more weeks

  3. what a heartless company that is, indeed! :| you're making the right move to resign... i hope you can put everything behind you and start anew.. goodluck dear :)

    <3 hazel


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