Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 How do you handle criticisms? Well first of all, criticisms are criticisms. They are made to crticize and not to humiliate anybody. But sometimes, you tend to feel bad if the way  the criticisms were addressed to you, is somewhat insulting.

 Sometimes, I can't help but think how poor a writer I am. I recently got criticisms about some mistakes most especially on spacing, punctuation marks, and others. But I realized I am better be called HUMAN rather than a poor writer. I misjudged myself.

I am human and I will continue to make mistakes. No matter how I would like things to be perfect, it will never be. I may have wrong grammars from time to time, wrong spelling, typo errors...but then again I learned from them. Imagine if I am perfect, would I still be human? I guess I could probably replace God then, but hey He is the only One and no one can ever take His place. I am happy to be a human, I'd rather be this way than be somebody else who pretends he can do perfect things.

I am thankful for the criticisms they just made me stronger, and better. To quote a song lyrics " We bleed just to know we are alive."

PS: If there are any mistakes in the context of my blog, just be it, anyway they are signs of how imperfect I am. At least I am learning.

And I am not bitter on this post haha! It's just that I love discussing this topic. :)

Have a wonderful day!

grey dress as top- thrifted
zebra printed skirt- SM
flats- Landmark
turban as necklace- from my supplier
beaded necklace as bracelet- random


  1. aww denise. don't mind them. but im glad that you can handle it positively. keep strong babe! ps. love your outfit! :)

  2. I actually love your POV on this denise. Yes, keep your head up high! :) gotta love being human -- imperfections and all! :))

  3. You write perfectly fine. :)I most of the times ignore there English Nazis. They just create so much negativity.

    Pero, I really wouldn't mind if someone will lend me a hand in editing my work as long as it is tastefully done.

    Minsan kasi yung iba, wala naman intention na tumulong, gusto lang makigulo or mangasar. Besides no one is perfect. There always something wrong with just about everyone.

  4. sino may sabi? balatan natin ng buhay. hehehe english is not or mother tongue. so what kung magkamali ka? you'll learn in the process. even the best writers make mistakes.

  5. nice one, denise! what's important is that we learn from our mistakes and... and you should thank those people who criticizes you.. it just shows they are interested in you.. haha well, i'd like to think it that way.. :) have a nice week ahead dear :)

    <3 hazel


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