Monday, January 24, 2011


Last Friday night I had dinner with Cheena, to finalize everything for our Saturday shoot. Sadly the rain poured so heavily. We had dinner at Mister Kebab in West Avenue, it was first time there, and oh my the food is great plus prices are so affordable! I ordered Chicken Beryani which is a version of chicken curry (no photos sorry hehe). I forgot what Cheena ordered then but it looks so delicious too!

After chatting and eating we hardly had enough time to take plenty of outfit shots, but still we managed to take  one each. hehe! Fortunately I did some outfit shots earlier when I arrived that day at the office. As you can see I am wearing my new Parisian wedges! They are so comfy that you can walk entire Makati wearing them! Swear!

And on the last photo, you can see the dressing room on Cheena's studio. A little sneak peek of what we had on our Saturday shoot! Simone's Closet is sure to be back with a sweet revenge! Watch-out for it!Thanks again for the wonderful Saturday with you Cheens! I know you are sick right now, I hope you get well soon! Can't wait to have dinner again with you this week! Love yeah Cheens!

long top- divisoria
leggings- SM
Wedges- Parisian
turban- from supplier
bag- vintage


  1. I really like your outfit Denise, so effortlessly chic - especially for a rainy day! Can't wait to see the new shop photos. :D

    Super lapit ng bahay at office ko sa Mister Kabab! Haha. You can imagine how often I eat there. :p

  2. i really love your turban denise! :) and i'm with you on the parisian wedges, i love em to death :)


  3. @bestie: hey talaga?! great! You are near cheens' studio lang pala!:) And you live near Mister Kabab? (ako naman Kebab haha) nako I have a friend living near there too!

    @reg: di ba those Parisian Wedges are so comfy? baka nga makatakbo pa tayo wearing em!haha

  4. huhu i want those kind of parisian wedges, but can't seem to find them anymore :( huhu. Love your blazer, den!:)

  5. What a sweet blog!!! I'm in love with your headband, fits perfectly on you... <3 Keep up the good work!

  6. Oooohh I love your outfit, and I love your turban!



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