Thursday, January 27, 2011

I guess after all that has been said and done, after all the pain and the grief, after the rants and the storm, I should bravely continue. The world won't stop for me. I just have to let go and accept things as they are. If things are heartless as just that, then be it. I released what I need to unleash. I guess I am feeling better now. What's important is, I know I am moving forward.

PS: Simone's Closet's sweet revenge collection is coming really soon...WATCH-OUT!

red dress- Secret Paris
red flats- B Club
brown blazer- vintage
ring- random


  1. i've been on the hunt for that exact skirt you're wearing! i love it! and i read your previous post, i hope you are okay now dear :)

    cherie of Parade of Dresses

  2. think of it this way, you're continuing on to better things while they're still there stuck in the evil company. :) i'm glad you're feeling better now!


  3. nice blazer print. It's like a person saying "I'm so happy and free."

    You usually wear leggings with a dress. But this time is different. Nice legs.

    Just keep going. If you need to rest, do - but don't quit. In the words of Dory (Finding Nemo)
    "Just keep swimming."

  4. @cherie: thanks babe for the concern! I am okay now. Just have to survive few more days and I'm free!:)

    @rah: Gawd you know my fashion style eh? hehe you're really one of my readers! I am so happy to know that! And thanks for saying that my legs are nice haha kahit na ang laki haha! and thanks for the advice Rah (is that you're name?hehe) :)

  5. @ reg: hey girl thanks for the nice words! I agree with you, I will keep moving forward than be left behind there!:) Super thanks Reg!:)

  6. your hair looks so nice!!! and love your cover up too!!!!

  7. Continuing is always better than stopping. I believe things will get better if you believe in it too :)

    Love your skirt, denise! the redness is wow! and cute blazer too!

  8. I love the red, it's so festive. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.



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