Friday, January 28, 2011


Just keep the fight, fight will all my might no matter how the game is tight. Now that I am continuing on my own, going on a new direction, this would be my motto. Strong girl that's me hehe! 

Anyway I am so happy to announce that I will be releasing the collection next week! The long wait and delay is over. I know you will go crazy over my new stuffs! So go and save some moolahs!hehe Items are all gorgeous and affordable!

More announcements to come!

PS: HAPPY THIRD YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO Bestie and her very-inspiring blog, The Capricious Club! Watch-out for my dear Bestie's giveaway! I am one of the sponsors there!:)

Thank God it's Friday! :) Mwah!

leopard blazer- thrifted
tank top- greenhills
shorts- SM Department Store
tights- Landmark
oxfords- Archive Clothing


  1. Really love this outfit Denise, so chic! And you know I adore that blazer. <3

    Glad to see you turning things around -- I knew you'd be able to rise above the challenges! Can't wait to see the new collection. :D

  2. I like your blog, it's very nice ... why do not we follow each
    other? Thanks, kisses.

  3. i love your blazer! :] you look so chic here!


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